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How to get into booze collecting

Is the stock market boring you? Consider building a collection of fine spirits.

Multigenerational homes offer relief from soaring housing costs

As housing prices skyrocket, more families are shacking up to tackle the challenge.

Your cup of joe is only getting pricier

If you think your morning latte is expensive now, brace yourself.

The psychology behind “tax-free” labels

Tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) are super popular in Canada, but that may just be from great branding.

Read the fine print before snagging a 30-year mortgage

Thinking about a 30-year mortgage to ease your monthly payments? There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Job seekers have lost some of their power

The days of quiet quitting and coffee badging are behind us, as jobs are becoming harder to come by.

Save money by living as a digital nomad

Remote workers are logging on from all over the world not just to explore new places but also to save money.

The dark side of budgeting apps

Budgeting apps are a handy tool for managing your money, but it's crucial to safeguard your data.

A different way to have your own business

Is investing in your friend’s business a good idea?

Before diving into investing in your friend’s business, consider both business and personal risks.