Self Driving Shuttle in Toronto

Autonomous vehicles will be popping up in Toronto sooner than anyone expected with the launch of a pilot project in a Scarborough neighborhood. According to the City of Toronto, the shuttle will connect the West Rouge neighborhood with the Rouge Hill GO Station. The neighbourhood was chosen because of a lack of access to public transportation.

Shuttle Situation

  • Each vehicle will be equipped with a wheelchair ramp and securement area.
  • A shuttle can hold 8 passengers and an on-board safety attendant.
  • There will be no cost to ride the shuttle.
  • The project is a partnership between the City and Metrolinx, and funded by the Government of Canada.
  • Local Motors by LM Industries will provide the shuttles.
  • The pilot will run for 6-12 months.

LM Industries...What’s The Deal?
LM describes themselves as a “manufacturer like you’ve never seen before,” and they may be right. The organization takes a “co-creation” and “open innovation” approach to solving problems and developing products. LM’s platform works with organizations to launch brainstorms and challenges and brings products to market using Direct Digital Manufacturing and microfactories.

The Olli, the autonomous shuttle which will be used in the pilot, was developed through this process. It has been used in Turin, National Harbour, Berlin, Las Vegas and more cities around the world.