Last night US Vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris faced off in their one and only debate. While the showdown was nothing like the first presidential debate, it was still fierce.

Debate Jabs:

  • Kamala Harris called the Trump admin’s handling of the coronavirus the “greatest failure of any presidential administration in our history.” 
  • Mike Pence took a shot at Joe Biden’s history of plagiarism, suggesting Biden’s campaign ripped off the Trump covid plan.
  • Both VP Candidates avoided a question about the transitioning of power if either of their running mates were to become incapacitated while President.
  • Kamala Harris brought up Trump’s $400 million of debt, asking who the president owes money to.
  • VP Pence vowed to hold China responsible for the coronavirus.

Road to the White House: We now have 26 days until Americans choose a new president, and as we all know anything can happen, but Biden continues to be the odds on favourite. The next presidential debate is scheduled for October 15th, but with Trump’s covid diagnosis it’s unclear if it will go ahead.