Friday Headlines

Digital Cash: The Bank of Canada's Deputy Governor said central banks should develop their own digital currencies to be deployed if regulators block the use of private options, like the Libra currency being developed by Facebook.
Tiny Reactors: The Feds are investing $20 million in Terrestrial Energy, an Ontario company developing small modular reactor technology for nuclear energy.
Windsor EVs: Unifor, a union representing auto workers, says it has struck a deal that will see Fiat Chrysler invest $1.5bn to make electric vehicles at a plant in Windsor.
Groceries and a checkup: Loblaw is expanding its forway into healthcare, launching a new PC Health App that will refer users to health providers and reward "healthy behaviours" with PC Optimum Points. Sounds like a virtuous cycle to me: go for a run and use your PC points to get a free box of cookies.
QAnon Crackdown: YouTube is banning content promoting conspiracy theories that "have been used to justify real-world violence," a policy that will serve to kick content pushing QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracies off its platform.
Ghost PATH: The PATH in Toronto, a large underground network connecting the city's financial district, has been crushed by COVID and thousands of jobs at retailers there are at risk.
Spinning From Home: Bank of America analysts projected a 14% increase in Peloton's stock over the next year, signalling a bullish perspective on the home fitness space.