Lower prices, better service. That's ego.

Ridesharing might seem second nature to you and me. But did you know that 60% of people have never used an app-based rideshare service? In the GTA, that's over 3,000,000 residents!

What's holding them back?

  • Prices: Ridesharing by the traditional players has become unaffordable for many Torontonians
  • Safety: Riders don't feel that existing services offer adequate safety assurances
  • Service: Ridesharing providers are offering the same poor service as the taxis of yesterday
It's time for a ridesharing service by people who care

ego is the brainchild of Nabeel El Khafif – a former surgeon and angel investor. He realized a fairer, more caring ridesharing service could expand the Toronto market by introducing new riders to a different kind of ridesharing.

How? Because ego is cheaper, greener, safer and fairer than the established players.

Want to learn about ego and get in on a company primed to expand the Toronto ridesharing market? Join ego on Backers.

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