Can You Expect Better When Selling Your Home?

What the traditional real estate process feels like: Hard.

What Properly feels like: Easy.

Properly is a Toronto-based tech-enabled brokerage setting the new standard for what homeowners can expect from real estate. The Properly team was unsatisfied with the traditional home buying experience, so they decided to fix it, introducing innovative products and unparalleled service to get better results for their clients, without the headaches.

  • Properly’s top rated agents are supported by a team of local experts across pricing, renovations, staging and marketing so they can focus on winning your dream home and maximizing the sale of your old one.
  • Their agents provide you recommendations supported by their proprietary AI technology. No wasting time looking at a 1 bed, 7 bath bungalow 50kms away from the kids’ school.
  • Save two trips to Ikea - your house will be professionally staged and photographed at no extra cost.
The biggest game changer: Properly is the only team in Canada that can set you up to buy before you sell, without stress.