Gamer's Paradise

E-sports is getting big, like really big! How do we know? Because this Toronto consortium is proposing a state-of-the-art 7,000 person e-sports stadium that’s going to turn the city into a gaming hub.

Go Defiant: The Toronto Defiant are an e-sports team that competes in Overwatch and Call of Duty. Owned by OverActive Media, the team’s ownership includes Mike Kimel (real estate magnate and part owner of the Penguins), Mitch Marner (the best winger in the NHL) and The Weeknd (a kid from Scarborough).

  • It’s their idea to build the stadium and accompanying hotel that will become the largest venue of its kind.
Looking forward: The project still needs to be approved by the Exhibition Place board but with support from the Mayor and Premier, it’s unlikely to face many hurdles. If all goes to plan, the facility could be ready by 2025.