Meet The New Boss

PM Trudeau will meet U.S. President Joe Biden (virtually, of course) today in what will be Biden's first meeting with a foreign head of state.

What's on the agenda: Trudeau and Biden will have much to discuss across a pretty wide range of issues...

  • Climate: Trudeau will find some common ground with Biden on climate and will appreciate the President's commitment to rejoin the Paris Agreement.

    But Biden has called for baking climate policy into trade agreements through things like tariffs on imports that produce carbon and punishing countries that subsidize fossil fuel production. Biden & Trudeau may be aligned on overall direction of climate policy, but the details may get tricky. 

  • Keystone XL: Trudeau has already called Biden's decision to nix Keystone "disappointing" and has promised to raise the issue. But don't expect POTUS to budge much on this one.

  • China: Expect the PM to try to enlist Biden's help in getting the two Michaels back from China.

  • Trade: Canada will want to push back on "Buy American" rules that could shut out Canadian suppliers from US markets, or at least secure an exemption for our companies.

  • COVID: Border closures, travel restrictions, and securing vaccine doses from US manufacturers will all be on Canada's to-do list for the call.
Zoom out: The dynamics of the Canada-US relationship have changed in important ways with Biden's election (see: climate and Keystone, in particular). Most Canadians prefer to see Biden in the White House than the last guy, but there's still plenty of disagreements to navigate.