Friday Headlines

Macklem's Warning: Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem (we're going to try to make T-Mack happen, btw) is warning that the next few months will be critical to the future of the Canadian economy, and said the Bank is not "actively discussing" negative interest rates. 

Alberta Geothermal: In a bid to diversify from oil and gas, Alberta's government is looking to develop its geothermal energy (using heat from below the surface of the Earth to generate electricity) sector.

Going Electric: The Federal and Ontario governments are investing $500m+ to retrofit Ford's Oakville plant to manufacture electric vehicles.

TikTok Saga, Vol. 819: First the U.S. tried to ban TikTok. Then a judge ruled that wasn't allowed. Now the U.S. Justice Department is appealing that ruling. That means the ultimate decision will get pushed to a higher court sometime in the future.

WayMo Goes Public: WayMo has launched a driverless car service to the public in Phoenix, Arizona. Who knows how this will go, but the promo video looks pretty futuristic.

Debating the Debate: The U.S. Presidential candidates can't even agree on disagreeing. The Commission in charge of the debates said they would make the next debate on October 15th virtual because, you know Trump has COVID. But now Trump has refused to do a virtual debate and wants it delayed, which Biden has said he won't do.

Prepping for The Worst: PM Trudeau told reporters that the government is preparing for how a disrupted or disputed Presidential election could impact Canada. Not something I want to think about, to be honest!