A Canadian Tesla?

Watch out Elon Musk, the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA) is coming for you... Yesterday, the CAPM, which represents Canadian auto parts manufacturers, launched Project Arrow, an initiative to prove that a fully electric vehicle can be designed and assembled in Canada.

What are they building? The APMA is hoping to build an original, full-build zero-emissions concept car designed by students at Carlton University. They launched the project in response to Prime Minister Trudeau's call for a zero-emissions future by 2050.

Why is this important? Canada is home to hundreds of small scale parts manufacturers who produce components used in nearly every vehicle. The goal of Project Arrow is to demonstrate that Canada has the expertise and capacity to produce electric vehicles at scale. APMA's hope is that a multinational manufacturer sees Canada's capabilities and decides to invest in our automotive sector.

Bottom line: Advanced manufacturing jobs will be key to our country's economic future. Demonstrating that Canada is capable of producing high-quality electric vehicles will go a long way in securing future investment.