One More Thing

💵Get your wallets ready. Yesterday, Apple held their 'Hi, Speed.' event where they unveiled four new phones: the iPhone 12, as well as their Pro, Mini, and Max versions.

But the really big news was Apple's announcement that the iPhone 12 will be their first 5G enabled device.

What's 5G again? 5G is the latest in cellular technology. According to experts, 5G will 10x internet browsing speeds, enable 4K video on your phone, and power the next generation of connected devices, such as autonomous vehicles.

Is 5G available in Canada? Yes! Rogers, Bell and Telus are all in the process of rolling out their 5G networks and almost all Canadian cities have some coverage. The problem? Very few devices actually support 5G.

That's until now... the iPhone 12 is the first high profile phone to support the new spectrum and marks a turning point for the technology.

What else did Apple announce?

  • More speed: In addition to 5G, all iPhone 12 models will use the A14 Bionic chipset, which Apple claims is the fastest chip in any smartphone.
  • Magnets: If you use wireless charging, you know how frustrating it is to find out that your phone didn't charge because you didn't place it on the pad properly. Apple's added a magnet to each phone to prevent this from happening. The magnet can also be used for accessories, such as a phone card holder.
  • Camera: Apple loves their cameras and the iPhone 12 and 12 Max don't disappoint. The iPhone 12 Pro has the best camera(s) of any iPhone and the standard iPhone 12's camera has been optimized for night mode.
Apple also unveiled a new Homepod Mini and a new wireless charger but both took a supporting role to the iPhone 12.

The strangest news of the event was Apple's announcement that they're going to remove a wall charger and wired headphones from the iPhone 12 box. End of an era for the white earbuds...