It’s 7-Eleven Somewhere!

Finally, a new place to take my Hinge matches post-COVID. 7-Eleven is applying to serve alcohol at 61 locations in Ontario. The convenience store chain is adding a selection of beer and wine to “complement [the store’s] fresh food and hot food programs.”

No Loophole

  • The licenses will be for in-store consumption only, and staff will be required to be Smart Serve certified.

  • 7-Eleven stores will not be allowed to offer booze-to-go, an exemption created during the pandemic that only applies to businesses whose primary function is preparing and serving food.
However... Premier Ford has promised (but not delivered) to extend beer and wine sales to corner stores. 7-Eleven says this move is “in preparation for that change,” but a government source tells the CBC the floodgates aren’t opening.

Big (Gulp) Picture: One of the few pandemic bright spots has been being able to grab some roadies from the local bar. The last thing the struggling restaurant industry needs is more competition from the well-resourced 7-Eleven.