Snowy in San Antonio

It’s really cold in Texas. Well, not cold for us but definitely cold for them. Texas winters are usually fairly moderate, which is why a recent storm sinking temperatures to below zero is causing havoc in the state.

What’s happening: A brutal snow and ice storm sweeping across Texas is disrupting electrical and water infrastructure not designed for extreme weather.

  • Millions of Texans are without electricity, and pipes are freezing across the state prompting boil water advisories.
Second order consequences: Home to a number of fabrication facilities, the severe weather is expected to exacterbate the global semiconductor shortage that recently forced car manufacturers to reduce production.

What’s next: The weather is set to improve over the next few days which should offer some relief.

Bottom line: Following a recent trend of extreme weather events, climate experts argue that unless we aggressively tackle climate change, extreme weather will continue to challenge our way of life.