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...because WestJet is cutting flights, staying home and nesting...get it now? Okay, we'll workshop it.

Anyway, the pride of Calgary is temporarily halting all operations in St. John’s, London, Lloydminster and Medicine Hat.

Damage Done: WestJet has shed over 90% of its capacity compared to the same period last year, and handed out pink slips to half of its 12,000 person workforce.

  • The situation for airlines has worsened in recent weeks thanks to the decision to cut flights to sun destinations and new quarantine and testing rules for international travellers.
Flight Path: WestJet’s CEO puts his industry’s fate in the government’s hands: “Our ability to return to markets remains directly correlated to government policies and the prioritization of a domestic travel program.”

View From 35,000 Feet: The first routes cut by airlines are the least profitable domestic flights. Unfortunately mid pandemic these are the flights passengers are most likely to take for essential reasons.