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Sumer Inc.

A marketplace for ethnic and independent grocers.

The Details

The problem is, small grocery owners don’t have the resources to create their own online distribution channel or outsource this function. By partnering with ethnic/independent grocery stores, we provide a wider variety of products. Therefore, independent grocers who are not supported by large grocery delivery companies no longer need to operate under the limitation of their brick and mortar model. We enable them to be a part of the massive $49 billion online grocery market currently dominated by large grocery chains. On the other hand, international students and immigrants like myself can’t find the ingredients we need to cook what we’re familiar with. This is a huge gap in the industry, and Sumer is here to bridge that gap. 

Sumer is a marketplace for independent, ethnic grocers. We give them a chance to compete in this fierce online industry while providing customers the products they’ve been craving.

The Founders

Mohammed Wasif - Co-founder: I am a 4th-year student at the University of Toronto Scarborough in Accounting Co-op. Persistency and passion are my strengths.
Interesting story of something amazing I've built: I strived to work for a Big 4 Professional Services firm. I achieved a high GPA, got heavily involved in extracurriculars, perfected my resume/interview skills, and applied. Eventually, I was accepted into Deloitte in audit and every single step I had taken to get there was validated. Once I was accepted, I realized it wasn't for me so I'm studying accounting, but in love with entrepreneurship. However, the invaluable persistence and hard work values I learned throughout that process are transferrable to anything I choose to pursue.
Jiaye (Frank) Chen - Co-founder: 4th-year accounting student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Dreamed about becoming a successful entrepreneur since 17 years of age.
Interesting story of something amazing I've built: When I was in elementary school, all my friends were interested in playing with cards made out of cigarette boxes. They folded the cigarette boxes into playing cards to compete with each other, and the winner would take the opponent's card. It was viral to a point where almost 80% of the class was playing it. However, I noticed there is no one judging which card is more powerful. People were just playing using their own judgment, so I decided to start a cigarette card league called "CG-win".

I created game rules, and with the help of my friend, I wrote out a full ranking of cigarette cards based on their rarity, price, and quality. Soon enough, all the players joined my league and start playing formally, and the game got a lot more fun due to the enforced rules and ranking. As my league got bigger, I even tried to start a school-wide competition where the winner would get the rarest card at that time: “ Black devil". However, the principal noticed, and eventually prohibited the league.
Zeheng (Matthew) Lin - Back-end Tech Lead: I recently graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough with a specialization in Data Mining and Machine Learning.
Interesting story of something amazing I've built: I had completed my first internship in the year of 2018 in 3N technology Co. with the successful delivery of a Gym booking and Job seeking Wechat mini-application within 4 weeks. I advised the product manager and tech leader to identify suitable techniques, identify a reasonable timeline for development, and implement functionality as a full stack developer. Other than my internship and academic background, I had to redesign and implement a new approach for machine learning algorithms for K means clustering, logistic regression, and decision tree algorithms for an increase of 2% efficiency compared to the traditional approach. I also attempted several machine learning competitions in Kaggle for skills improvement and being able to learn new approaches from other developers. I am always willing to learn new techniques as it will improve my ability to produce high-quality results in any work I do.
Jialiang (Jerry) Yi - Front-end Tech Lead: I am a computer science recent graduate from the University of Toronto. I build cutting-edge applications to solve real-world problems.
Interesting story of something amazing I've built: I worked for Huawei as a software engineer intern. During my internship, I collaborated with seniors to implement and train a modal to detect water meter usage and enhance model performance and precisions with advanced algorithms. Besides my curricular activities, I am also an enthusiast of photography and cinematography who aims to integrate my creativity into my work and personal life. I established "Apic Productions" with a few passionate individuals to provide high quality and consistent production services. I have learned to work with clients by discovering their needs and customizing their services. I will passionately explore, learn, and complete my duties to the highest standards.

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