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A restaurant exploration app that stops couples and friends from arguing over where to eat, while bringing exposure to local small restaurants.

The Details

The way PickEasy encourages restaurant exploration is new, fun, and simple. Users create groups with their significant other, friends, or family and match on mutually liked restaurants! Not only are we solving the frustration of “where to dine?”, we are supporting local restaurants.

The Founders

Max Woo is a fourth year University of Toronto student that has many family members in the restaurant business and is hence passionate about making lives easier for small restaurant owners. His marketing campaign of the 2020 Nissan Sentra had been adopted by Nissan Canada’s CEO to be rolled out nationally. On his free time, he likes hanging out with his dog and listening to podcasts. 

Daniel is a recent grad from UofT who’s passionate about technology and driving change for small business owners. With a business background, Daniel has worked at Deloitte and started several online businesses. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends, read, and watch movies. Daniel has also been recently admitted to the Next36 2021 cohort. 

Choyin is also a recent grad from UofT and he’s passionate about building things from scratch with emerging technologies. His proprietary orchestration engine that allows non-developers to create complex business workflows had doubled his company’s valuation in 3 months. He likes playing board games and hanging out with friends in his free time. 

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