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A fusion of live-stream and homemade food delivery

The Details

This business idea of CookOut is an original combination of a food delivery service and a social media. People are in demand for authentic and affordable homemade food.

Meanwhile, live streaming functions allow home chefs to advertise themselves, eliminating the costs of self-promotion via traditional methods. 

Before using our app, most home chefs’ customer bases were only within their own friends and neighbours, It is extremely difficult to access a large customer base beyond them.

Thus, to make it possible to approach this untapped market, we decided to start a revolution in the food industry by providing a new option for hungry customers.

Through our live-streaming function, home chefs can self-advertise and customers can order those awesome delicacies directly from the live-stream or the chef's profile (like an Instagram page). We do not only aim to build a business app for chef to customer relationships, but also big communities where people with similar interests and passions for food can gather and exchange.

CookOut is currently in its development phase and is expected to launch by the end of 2021.

The Founders

Donald Cheung is the founder and CEO of CookOut (A fusion of Livestream and homemade food delivery based in Toronto). He is also a university student specializing in commerce and computer science. 

He has a passion and vision to build a business that helps to contribute to society through his knowledge and vision, so he is at the same time an entrepreneur who strives to enhance the way people live and to build an outstanding and meaningful life.

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