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Glucose Vision

Diabetes management at your fingertips.

The Details

Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in Canada, and affects over 3 million people; daily this number grows by 549 new cases. Diabetes patients often manage their condition via a combination of food intake and insulin. This method can cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate due to uncertainty in food portions consumed and can lead to severe illness. Glucose Vision aims to reduce the development of future illness by offering the first smartphone application capable of pre-evaluating meal portions with the snap of a pic.  By employing AI, we will be able to calculate an accurate carb count based on portion size and recommend the amount of insulin required. Our solution will revolutionize how patients manage their condition, and allow users to maintain consistent and healthier blood sugar levels.

The Founders

Glucose Vision has 3 Co-Founders, all engineering students incubated in the iBoost Zone at Ryerson University. All of them have many family and friends who live with Type 1 and 2 diabetes. After learning their struggles, they wanted to help them and many others!

Liam Bell is a 4th year Biomedical Engineering student currently on an internship at a medical company. His interest is in rehabilitation engineering as he aims to improve the quality of life for as many individuals as possible. Entrepreneurship has been his passion, it offers the opportunity to grow many innovative ideas. 

Osama Muhammad is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student currently on an internship at a medical company. He aims to specialize in Mechatronics Engineering and apply what he learns in the classroom to make real impacts. The avenue of entrepreneurship has opened many doors to bring his ideas to life. 

Muhammed Khan is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student specializing in Telecommunication. His interest is within computer vision to create models that can be used in health applications such as Glucose Vision. He has been involved in entrepreneurial thinking since the start of university and continues on this journey. 

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