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My Kairos

My Kairos is dedicated to empowering students to reach their highest potential by providing a learning pathway on how to develop a growth mindset.

The Details

More and more students are struggling post-graduation as they face job insecurity, economic uncertainty, and global competition. It is essential for students to identify what kind of mindset they have and how to thrive under these difficult conditions. So what is the difference between a FIXED and GROWTH mindset?
Students with fixed mindsets believe they have limited opportunities because they are not good/smart/talented enough to pursue their highest potential. Inversely, students with growth mindsets, which is said to make up only 40% of students according to Dr. Carol Dweck’s research, believe they can increase self-efficacy by applying the right tools and knowledge. 
At My Kairos, we have developed, tested, and completed various modules, interviews, and assessment tools to provide students with a personalized experience through our cloud-based learning management system. We aim to promote and encourage students to become successful high performers by increasing their self awareness through philosophy of success, neuroscience psychology, and personal development tools. 

The Founders

Elvira, our Business Development Lead, is a student in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy major at Ryerson as well as the RippleX Fellowship program. She faced numerous obstacles in her academic career due to what she later identified as her fixed mindset. After years of actively developing her personal growth, Elvira was inspired to design a refined learning pathway that can help fellow struggling students overcome their fixed mindsets. Elvira is the VP of PennyDrops Ryerson, a financial literacy not-for-profit, where she has educated over 250 students on financial literacy. 
Yudi Yang, our Technical Lead, is a software engineering student at the Ivey Business School at Western. She is the VP of the Entrepreneurship club and has regularly attended hackathons including SheHacks and CalHacks. As a nationally ranked competitive swimmer, Yudi believes she has gained valuable life skills through the power of mindset. 
Michael Capolongo, our Operations Lead, is a student in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy major at Ryerson and the President of PennyDrops Ryerson where he has recruited and trained over 30 mentors and 100 students on financial literacy. He has recently completed the co-op program at BMO as an Operations Analyst. 
Jin Yang, our Sales Lead, is a NYU graduate with majors in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies and Media Production. She has experience in sales, copywriting, and web design. 

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