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A selection tool platform catered towards helping SME businesses prosper through efficient recruitment.

The Details

Currently focusing on a few industries, Matchii has developed a selection tool in the form of the “Matchii Experience” to allow businesses to recruit their talent efficiently. With the impending rise of COVID, businesses are in quick need of temporary workers in a multitude of different industries. Given our expertise, we wanted to be able to facilitate the hiring process by providing a convenient platform where recruiters could be able to hire quickly and efficiently. 

How? The Matchii Experience as aforementioned! On the applicant side, we are helping by mitigating the time taken per application while also expanding job opportunities by recommending different jobs as well as the required certifications for these jobs. On the employer side, we utilise our algorithm to shortlist the best candidates according to their requirements including all the certification required. Worried about not having the right equipment? Matchii will partner with dedicated suppliers of all of the equipment that job seekers will need for their jobs. 

In a period where COVID makes workers very prone to being replaced, businesses need a quick solution. Matchii is the solution. 

The Founders

Sebastian Rosas - CEO: Is a 4th Year Economics Student at University of Toronto Scarborough. His main motivation is to develop efficient solutions that will impact his community in a positive way. This desire has led him to many projects. During his first experience at TuRuta, a mobility startup in Peru, he was able to help his hometown improve the way they would use public transport. Then, during his first years at school he developed a mental health solution that improved the accessibility of resources for students. He was offered a new position to develop this initiative. Finally, he decided to develop Matchii because he felt it would improve the job-hunting experience for applicants, reducing the time, allowing them to have more time to do the things they enjoy the most. While helping businesses run in a more efficient way and minimize their costs during the recruitment.

Dylan is the current Chief Operating Officer in Matchii. A big part of his work would be helping in the management operations offering flexibility, albeit pitching, content creation for the website, and or prospecting key targeted schools involved with the Matchii Experience. Apart from management operations, he can also develop the algorithm alongside his team, which is used in the next stages of Matchii.

Hoang is a senior at University of Toronto Scarborough, specializing in Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering. A perfectionist and high achiever, he is currently on his work term as a Full Stack Developer at RBC, adding to his previous experiences with the biggest tech corporation in Vietnam and a leading Canadian healthcare company. Aside from his excellent academic record, Hoang is an avid participant in various software development projects. He contributes greatly to the building of many web-apps and makes sure that they all function flawlessly, despite the different nature of each project and the specific industry into which they are launched. With his quick-learning, adaptable, and problem-solving mindset, Hoang has won many accolades and distinctions, most notably Second Place at the Hack the Valley IV Hackathon and The Bridge 2020 Innovation Award at UTSC. In his spare time, Hoang enjoys playing soccer and chess, as well as exploring the neighbourhoods of Toronto.

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