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Encore & Encore

Our mission is to make sustainable & eco-friendly products modern, affordable, and easily accessible through our multiple subsidiaries.

The Details

At Encore & Encore Ltd., we envision a world where sustainability is commonplace. We believe in an equilibrium, a fine balance between the elements of consumption and the Earth. Every day, we are committed to our mission of making sustainable alternatives modern, affordable, and easily accessible. 

“encore & encore” comes from the French expression that translates to again & again. It refers to our daily lives and the things that we do again & again (encore & encore). Climate change is reflected in our day-to-day consumption and this is why we operate multiple subsidiaries where each one targets specific sectors in sustainability.

Together, we represent the future of consumption and a modern society.

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The Founders

Antoine Dufour - Founder
I am a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto majoring in BBA - International Business with a minor in Economics and a minor in Spanish.

I am originally from Quebec City, CA and spent 2 years in the region of Boston, USA studying and playing competitive sports (ice hockey, American football and track & field). After 2 years spent in the USA, I decided to come back to Toronto in order to focus on new opportunities and experiences that eventually led to the development of Encore & Encore Ltd.

Other hobbies: tech, computer programming, finance, travelling, music and fashion.
Languages proficiency: English, French, and Spanish

Derek Li - Operations & Logistics: 
I am currently in my last semester of my BBA - Strategic Management Specialization undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I have always had a passion for exploring other cultures and how international systems function. Studying 4 months abroad in Singapore and completing a 4 months internship abroad in Hong Kong allowed me to discover the level of sustainability present in other parts of the world. This experience has allowed me to become more creative and innovative in my operational planning. A dream of mine is to one day create a unity of sustainability worldwide. 

Other hobbies: piano, travelling, fitness and reading
Language proficiency: English, Cantonese

Ameerul Junaidi (AJ) - Finance & BD: 
I am a final year student at University of Toronto Scarborough specializing in Finance. I am originally from Malaysia and came to Vancouver to complete my high school education. I then moved to Toronto to study finance at the University of Toronto. I completed an internship at an insurance firm, iA Financial and later did another internship at a Toronto hedge fund, Anson Funds. Throughout my internships, I learnt that I have a passion for innovation and found that there are abundant opportunities in the sustainable industry. 

Other hobbies: technology, it, automotive, cinema, theatre, and music.
Language proficiency: Malay, English, Japanese

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