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Couply – an app for couples

Couply uses technology to help bring couples closer together though quizzes and then custom relationship advice, date ideas and helpful reminders all delivered through our app, Couply.

The Details

Couply has a simple goal.
We want to use technology to help bring couples closer together. 
In today’s busy world there are a thousand ways to use technology to help spark relationships, but very little to give couples a helping hand to have the strongest relationship they can. Couply helps by giving couples amazing custom date ideas, gift ideas and relationship advice based on their personality results.
Everyone knows that being in a long-term relationship can have its challenges! It takes work and occasionally professional help. 
Couply can help couples get on the same page and stay on the same page.

The Founders

Denesh Raymond, ConnectedLabs 
Couply Co-Founder
Denesh is a world-class app developer and software engineer. He was a core part of Wattpad for 3 years helping create Wattpad’s ad experiences.  He has built apps for: 

Tim Johnson, Wattpad
 Couply Co-Founder
Tim is a sales leader and author. He has been in Business Development at Wattpad for 5 years. Tim has forged brand partnerships with brands like Disney, Amazon, P&G and Unilever. Tim leads Wattpad’s Business Development for Canada and the UK. 

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