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Arbre is on a mission to create sustainable and universally functional SPF products.

The Details

Skin and scalp protection from the sun is becoming increasingly important as skin cancer awareness grows. Melanomas on the scalp in particular have high rates of mortality due to the difficulty in detecting them. Thus scalp protection products are needed for consumers who do not want to wear hats outdoors. 
Our debut product is a mineral-based SPF powder for the scalp that contains natural ingredients. It’s applied like any powder dry shampoo to the scalp and the hair. Unlike traditional sunscreens that make your hair greasy, our product is specifically formulated to absorb excess oils and provide optimal sun protection. 
Our product is aimed to solve the growing need for functional sun protection options for the scalp. In particular for those who are prone to sunburns, and spend prolonged periods of time outdoors for their occupation or for recreational activities. Our target customers are primarily women, as they are the primary consumers of dry shampoo products. 

The Founders

Stephanie and Kristina are both scientists by training. Stephanie has an MSc in Pharmacology from University of Toronto and is currently working in health economics at a Fortune 500 company. Kristina is currently a MA student conducting research in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Toronto. She also has experience working in the financial industry, specifically in Capital Markets. They are passionate about educating their consumers on sun care and its many benefits for their long term health, as well as providing them with an environmentally friendly option. Through their product development, they have been backed by a number of subject matter experts in dermatology and the Health Canada regulatory space. 

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