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A web platform to help deliver better new employee onboarding.

The Details

Aboard helps busy HR professionals setup & deliver better onboarding in less time. We do this while keeping teams and those involved in the process organized. Lastly, the new employee gets a more engaging experience and clarity on what they need to do!

The Founders

Evan Hallward has 6 years of experience in B2B and B2C sales, initially starting in financial services before moving over to the tech industry in 2015. Evan is a high 90's percentile extrovert and loves engaging and talking to people. He has a lifelong passion for well built technology products that solve business & personal productivity problems.

Lee MacDonald started his entrepreneurial journey selling candy bars from his locker in high school. Lee did an intensive coding bootcamp in 2015 to break into the world of tech. Since then, Lee has built technical products & scaled digital teams.

Evan & Lee have worked at 2 previous startups together and just "get each other".

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