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The Food Bus

Fresh Food straight from the Farmer.

The Details

What happens when you put a bunch of local farmers in a school bus? Well not the actual people, but their products? You get a better way to distribute fresh, local food at the corner of Bathurst & York, or in the parking lot of your nearest community centre. You cut out the middle man, resulting in lower prices for you, and more profits for the farmer. 
And the great thing is…it’s easy enough. You need a bus, and a list of local famers ready to play. Being a farmer myself, I’ve got the connections. What is missing is the start-up capital to buy a bus and get things rolling. If we wait for our government to fix this supply management mess, our broccoli will be topping $5.00 a bunch come Spring. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get fixing this food distribution business from the ground up. Who’s in?

The Founders

Delia Fagundes is an economist by trade and a beef farmer by choice. Being of Portuguese descent, food plays an important part in her life, and she believes that food is medicine. She has been questioning fairness in our food supply since her early days at the University of Toronto. Since that time, she has gone on to question unfair conditions in international export markets dominated by heavily subsidized, developed countries during her Master’s in International Relations at Université Laval. She does capoeira in her spare time. 

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