Clever carry-on hacks to save you baggage fees

We’ve all seen the “wear-all-your-clothes-on-the-plane” packing hack, but who wants to sit on a plane for hours looking like a raggedy Michelin Man? 

But a big part of vacation is snapping pics in stylish fits. So if you want to look your best abroad without paying excess baggage fees, why not try these space-saving techniques:

  • Create a capsule wardrobe for your trip. Choose pieces that can be mixed and matched together for a variety of looks. That way, if you stain a shirt, the outfit that goes with it isn’t a waste of space. 

  • Use compression bags. A must-have for any carry-on-only traveller, compression bags keep everything as small as possible, so you can maximize the space in your luggage. 

  • Bring a zippered pillowcase. And stuff if with extra clothing that won’t fit in your bag. Even the most stringent airlines will let you bring your own pillow on board without an additional charge.

  • Bring bars over bottles. If you’re particular about hair and skin care, see if your favourite products come in bar form that you can cut into the right size for your trip.

  • Use the right bag. There’s an array of travel backpacks, and finding the right one is essential to fitting everything you need. Here’s a guide to the best travel backpacks on the market. 

Bottom line: Baggage fees can range from $30 to over $300, depending on the airline and location. Don’t spend it in the airport before you even reach your destination—pack smarter and save it for an adventure once you land.