Companies are wooing entry-level job seekers

Employers are pulling out all the stops to appeal to entry-level job seekers. Gen Z is shaping the future of work with their high expectations, asking for clearer career paths, flexibility to work from home, and more. That’s because young people are stepping into the workforce during a time when hybrid work setups are common plans, and they are keenly aware of the soaring cost of living and expect it to get even pricier. To catch the eye of Gen Zers, companies are ditching vague job postings. More job postings now explain, in detail, what workers can expect from their employers. Employers are even spelling out salary rangers and offering alternative benefits, like mental health resources and student loan reimbursements, to attract candidates. Almost half of Canadian job postings on Indeed in February 2024 had pay information, which is up 22% from five years ago. But, that doesn’t mean that Gen Z has all the power when it comes to what is involved in a job posting. Companies are still clear that they value experience, favouring candidates with internships or relevant post-undergraduate work.