Don’t only count on your parents to fund your future

Over half of younger Canadians are banking on inheritances to fund their retirement, but it may not be that simple. A giant wealth transfer is coming soon, with roughly $1 trillion in assets set to change hands from Boomers to Millennials and Gen Z before 2026. But, it seems that Boomers and their children are out of sync. A Sun Life survey said that of the Boomers who said they plan to leave an inheritance, 47% have an estate plan in place and only 26% have talked about the assets with their heirs. Plus, experts say there’s no way to know how much the heirs will actually get. Parents may need to dip into the pot to fund their own retirement, or to finance unexpected long-term care needs. Basic expenses for long-term care accommodations can range from $1,986 to $2,839 a month, and life expectancies across the country keep getting higher. Experts say that parents and children should have a candid conversation about inheritance, and for younger Canadians to diversify how they will fund their future.