Inflation isolation is on the rise

More Canadians are staying at home to avoid spending money, amid higher costs of living. With everyday fun stuff like restaurants and activities getting pricier, over half of Canadians (~51%) are opting to chill at home to save a few bucks. Think about it: Inviting a friend out for dinner now feels like asking them to drop a hundo just to hang out with you. It’s easier to avoid going out altogether. But spending too much time at home to save money can harm a person's mental well being, an experience coined as “inflation isolation.” Debt insolvency experts are particularly worried about younger Canadians, who are juggling debt and lower paycheques. But, there are ways to keep the good times rolling without breaking the bank. Swap out that fancy dinner for a picnic in the park or plan ahead for outings so you can keep an eye on your spending.