Is that second degree worth it?

If you’re thinking of getting another degree, make sure to weigh the costs against the benefits. Many adults working in their 9-to-5s have at some point thought, should I go back to school? But before pulling the trigger, first, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Going back to school is like investing in a (very expensive) stock — you want to see some returns. If it’s not going to fatten up your paycheque or progress your career, it might not be the right move, experts say. If you decide to go for it, it's smart to map out your financial game plan. There are ways to cut costs like taking online courses or juggling part-time work alongside your studies. Plus, some employers might even chip in for your tuition. Stash away some cash for a year before diving into the program, and use that time to research programs. Remember you can dip into your RRSP for up to $20,000 with the Lifelong Learning Plan, but you’ve got to pay it back within 10 years.