You’ve probably applied for a ghost job

That job you’re applying for might not even exist. They’re called “ghost jobs”: roles that companies post but aren’t actively filling, or are already reserved for internal hires — and experts say there are hundreds of them online. People spend their time and effort applying for these jobs, and are often met with silence. Companies post ghost jobs for multiple reasons: They could want to survey what talent is out there, create a facade of company growth, or keep current employees motivated. Job searching is a soul-sucking process to begin with, and it’s discouraging to never hear back from the countless jobs you apply for, experts say. Last week, Ontario introduced legislation mandating companies to disclose when a position actually exists and needs to be filled, and will require employers to follow up with applicants they have interviewed — a first in Canada. If you’re currently a job seeker, look out for red flags in job postings, like ones that have been up for several months without a deadline for applications.