Your resume needs to be AI-proof

AI is calling the shots when it comes to snagging an interview for your dream job, so your resume better stand out. More companies are jumping on the AI bandwagon to sift through resumes and pick out the cream of the crop. In the past, they relied on primitive AI tech like applicant tracking systems, which basically play keyword bingo with your resume or filter you out based on “knockout questions,” like people who answer “no” to a question asking if they’re willing to relocate. But now, AI is getting smarter, analyzing your CV to judge if you’re top-notch material by looking at how much experience you have, how long you worked at past employers, or how many times you were promoted. To stand out to algorithms, experts say to avoid stuffing your resume with keywords, as advanced AIs can see that as a red flag. Instead, show off your experience by giving hard numbers in your job descriptions — like a percentage increase in deals you secured over one year. Also, ditch the fancy graphics and headshots — they’re not impressing anyone, especially AI.