What are reverse ATMs?

Imagine you're at a sports game, craving a foot-long hotdog with extra pickles. You walk up to the concession stand and pull the only method of payment you have, a crumpled $10 bill, out of your pocket. Then, something terrible happens: The attendant tells you the venue is cashless. 

Enter reverse ATMs. These machines take your cash and spit out a prepaid card in return, which you can use like a debit card. They're becoming a staple in cashless arenas and amusement parks in Canada, including Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena and Canada’s Wonderland.

  • Most machines, like the one in Toronto's Rogers Centre, are free to use.

Yes, but: It might be better to remember to bring other forms of payment. Some prepaid cards, such as those you get at Wonderland, charge a fee if they sit unused. After 13 months of no activity, they deduct $3.95 from the card's balance every month.