Zyn is in, and Health Canada is worried

Out: Worrying about youth vaping. In: Worrying about youth Zyn-ing.

Driving the news: Flavoured nicotine pouches have been a godsend for Big Tobacco as it shifts away from cigarettes. But a recent investigation into the sale of Zyn brand products has forced Philip Morris to pause U.S. online sales of the super-popular nicotine pouches. 

Big picture: Zyn sales exploded by 62% in the U.S. last year, propelled in part by so-called Zynfluencers promoting the product on TikTok. Zyn’s popularity with youths has caught the attention of experts and regulators concerned about nicotine’s effects on developing brains

Why it matters: Zyn isn’t approved for sale in Canada, but that hasn’t stopped a black market from popping up online and in corner stores. Last week, Health Canada ordered a recall of Zyn products and is working with authorities to prevent Zyn from hitting shelves. 

  • Health Canada told The Peak that while the scope of contraband Zyn in Canada is unknown, the recall affected products sold in 19 retail vape and convenience stores in Manitoba, totalling 12,290 units.

Yes, but: Zonnic, a Zyn competitor, is approved to sell its nicotine pouches in Canada as a tool to help quit smoking. Zonnic has since come under fire from Canada’s health minister for allegedly promoting recreational use to, you guessed it, young people.—QH