Snapchat Snaps Back

Remember Snapchat... That app you deleted off your phone a few years ago because all your friends stopped using it?

Well, joke’s on you because Snapchat’s back and they’re back in a big way!

Last week, the company announced killer earnings for Q3, sending the share price soaring from $28 USD to $34 at closing.
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Big Oil Gets Bigger

Last week, Cenovus Energy and Husky Energy – two Canadian energy giants – announced they were teaming up to form one of the largest oil and natural gas producers in the country.
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Friday Q&A with Marius Adomnica, esports, tech and video game attorney

Every Friday we feature someone in the Canadia tech, finance, or startup space doing something cool and pick their brain to get practical and actionable tips and advice for the rest of us. 
This week we are featuring Marius Adomnica, an esports, tech, and video games lawyer at Segev LLP to get his take on these emerging industries.
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PayPal, Now Accepting Bitcoin

PayPal will now let you buy, sell, and store Bitcoin in your online wallet. 
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Tesla on Autopilot

Defying global economic headwinds, Tesla reported a 5th straight profitable quarter.

Key numbers:

  • Tesla posted a net profit of $331M in Q3.
  • Revenue grew to $8.77 billion, a 39% increase from last year.
  • The company revived a pre-pandemic goal of making at least 500,000 vehicles this year.
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Nothing Spooky About Ghost Kitchens

When you order takeout on a food app, you may assume it's being made in a restaurant kitchen, but that is increasingly not the case. Ghost kitchens — dedicated no-frills spaces made to churn out delivery orders — are becoming more prevalent. 
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What Does $1.75 Billion Buy?

If you're well-funded streaming service Quibi, the answer is apparently: about 6 months.
The tech "startup" is shutting itself down after raising huge amounts of capital and launching in April.
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Space X Microsoft

Fresh off announcing an approval from the CRTC, Space X is launching a new collab, this time with Microsoft to bring their Azure cloud computing platform to the great beyond.
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Canadian Corporate Ch-Ch-Ch-Chhanges

Turn and face the recognizable new faces on top of corporate Canada, as Bell Media, Laurentian Bank and Magna International have all installed new execs.
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Google Walks Into A Barr

Every wonder how a noun becomes a verb? Why we don’t use a ‘search engine’, but rather we ‘Google’ something? No, it’s not because Larry and Sergey built a great product and are marketing whizzes. According to a new antitrust lawsuit from the US Department of Justice, it’s the result of behind the scenes use of  market power to illegally exert control over an industry.
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Peak Picks

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This is the biggest Canadian business story no one is talking about. Yesterday, SpaceX announced they received CRTC approval for their Basic International Telecommunications Services license.
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Battery Beware

This month, US safety regulators opened an investigation into more than 77,000 Chevy Bolts after two owners complained of fires that began in the area where the engine sits. Both Hyundai and BMW have issued vehicle recalls over similar issues.
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The Great Leap Back (to December)

It's been almost nine months since COVID-19 reached Canadian shores and it feels like we're back to square-one. But China is offering a glimpse into what a return to normalcy looks like.
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Skiing into the New Normal

Ski resorts are finding operating in a pandemic tougher than a double black diamond. As ski season begins, resorts across North America are struggling with how to open safely.
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RIP to the Mall

The mall-pocalypse is coming. A report from Morgan Stanley says that 30-35% of American malls will be forced to close.

Consider the perfect storm that has come together to kill the mall.
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In The Clouds

The EU announced it's creating a $12bn+ program to fund the creation of a European cloud technology industry to rival Amazon and other American businesses that dominate the space. 
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Green Tariff Wars

In our first story we briefly mentioned carbon tariffs. That's a thing that you'll probably be hearing more about soon (especially if Biden wins the election) so let's talk about it now.
What's a carbon tariff: It's a fee imposed by countries with carbon taxes on imports from countries without carbon taxes. 
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The Biden Factor

The U.S. Presidential election is 15 days away and Democrat Joe Biden is the favourite to win (at least according to polling aggregator 538 which says he has an 87% chance of victory). 
That's got us thinking: what would a Biden Presidency mean for Canada? We have a pretty good idea of what 4 more years of Trump would be like, but how would relations with our biggest trading partner — the elephant we sleep next to, as Pierre Trudeau put it — differ with Biden in office? 
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