Decarbonzation By Default

Patch is a cool Canadian startup that's building a "platform for negative emissions" — that means they more or less automate the process of decarbonizing organizations by analyzing their operations and automatically purchasing carbon offsets to get to net-zero. 

We chatted with Patch's co-founder Aaron Grunfeld about:

  • The background that allowed him to found Patch
  • How corporate attitudes to decarbonization are changing
  • Differences in Canadian and Silicon Valley startup culture
  • One book he recommends everyone read
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Stripe for Climate

In 2021, green is good. No, not money — I’m talking about green technology to accelerate the decarbonization of our economy.
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The Big Score

Score Media and Gaming — better known as theScore — has filed for a U.S. public offering on the Nasdaq worth up to $183 million, a raise that would value the Toronto company at $1.8 billion.
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Give Me Shelter

Maybe I can't buy into Canada's red hot housing market but at least I can write about it, and isn't that almost as good? (No)
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Need for Speed

If some of us are lucky we’ll be heading to Wonderland or La Ronde this spring. No, not to lose our lunch on the Drop Zone but to finally get a COVID-19 vaccine. As 20 million doses are set to arrive in Canada through Q2, there is concern that provinces aren’t ready to put vax sites, which include theme parks and convention centers, to good use.
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NoWork, Get Paid

Can you imagine failing as well as Adam Neumann? The founder and one time CEO of WeWork is set to (finally) walk away from the startup he founded with almost $500 million USD in his pocket. He'll also remain a major shareholder in the firm.
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The Now-Normal Beauty Company

Toronto-based Deciem, the company behind the popular The Ordinary skincare brand, is being bought by Estée Lauder for $2.2 billion USD.
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The SHOP Surge

Shopify's stock price has almost tripled in the past 12 months, and the Ottawa-based company is taking advantage of that by selling more than $1.55 billion worth of shares to hungry investors.
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Wow, No Cow

Fresh off, IMHO, the greatest Super Bowl ad in a generation, Sweden’s Oatly has filed to go public.
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The Definition

The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to recognize that China is committing genocide against its Muslim Uighur minority in Xinjiang province. Here’s what it means.
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Gamer's Paradise

E-sports is getting big, like really big! How do we know? Because this Toronto consortium is proposing a state-of-the-art 7,000 person e-sports stadium that’s going to turn the city into a gaming hub.
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Gold Bottles

He’s a business, man, not a businessman. And his business skills were on full display yesterday as Jay-Z sold his champagne brand Ace of Spades to luxury brand behemoth LVMH.
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Borrowell Bounces Back

Toronto’s Borrowell has raised $25 million to finance the acquisition of Refresh Financial.

  • Per Betakit, investors include Kensington Capital Partners, BDC Capital, iA Financial Group and Impact Engine, Existing investors Portag3 Ventures, White Star Capital, NAventures and Equitable Bank.
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The One-Sided Recession

Canada's been in a deep recession for nearly a year now, but the pain of that has not been spread evenly across workers — a new report finds that the COVID recession has hit those at the bottom of the income ladder hard, and those at the top hardly at all.
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En Francais, SVP

The federal government is planning to make it a requirement for certain Canadian companies to allow employees to work in French.
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Meet The New Boss

PM Trudeau will meet U.S. President Joe Biden (virtually, of course) today in what will be Biden's first meeting with a foreign head of state.

What's on the agenda: Trudeau and Biden will have much to discuss across a pretty wide range of issues...
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Ruckify Hits a Rut

Tech giants that are expected to go public this year: Coinbase, Instacart and... Ruckify? Well, not anymore now that the company delayed their public listing after discovering a misuse of funds incident.
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Return of Rental

Good news for those of you who would rather pay rent then put down a small fortune for 400 sq feet in the sky. Rental is making a comeback. As of 2020, 12,500 rental units were under construction in Toronto.
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Carney's Next Move

You may remember Mark Carney from his days as governor of the Bank of Canada. And then governor of the Bank of England. And then the United Nation's special envoy on climate. Now he's adding another line to his CV: member of Stripe's Board of Directors.
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It's Not About Ethics In AI

Google has canned one of its top AI researchers months after the contentious departure of one of her colleagues.
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