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Robbie Bent on the future of wellness

As Toronto’s favourite sauna startup Othership expands south of the border, co-founder Robbie Bent sat down with The Peak to talk about the future of wellness culture and the business of sauna sessions, cold plunges, guided classes, and community events. 

Sobeys puts grocery delivery expansion on ice

As the costs continue to pile up, Empire, the parent of Sobeys, is pumping the brakes on expanding its e-commerce service, Voilà. 

Canadian ad agencies are showing out

With campaigns centred around Shohei Ohtani crushing baseballs and Taylor Swift eating ketchup and ranch, Canadian ad agencies had no shortage of award-winning ideas last year. 

Canadian sports betting kicks into high gear

Albertans are betting in record numbers this week that the Edmonton Oilers will pull off the next-to-impossible: four straight wins to take home the Stanley Cup. 

But beyond the NHL playoffs, it’s Ontario that’s seeing the real sports betting surge.

Meal kits won’t save you money, but they could still be worth it

Everyone you know is trying meal kits — but are they worth it?

Pension plans are getting harder to come by

As Ottawa talks about letting some workers retire earlier, others are finding it harder to get pension plans.

Edtech gets out of class and into the home

Parents have become more open to taking their children’s education into their own hands, driving some edtech companies to shift their business strategies.

Credit card companies are vying for your attention

In an effort to stand out in a sea of rewards, credit card companies are upping their game.

How to get free accommodation on your next trip

Letting strangers sleep in your home may be the answer to low-cost travel.

B.C. salmon farms move inland

Thanks to a new federal government order, the floating farms that are essential to producing Canadians’ favourite fish will move onshore.

What happened: B.C. salmon producers have five years to shut down open-net ocean salmon farms and transition to land.