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The low down on liquidity crises

Even if you’re not part of #HODLgang, chances are you’ve seen headlines about the fallout of one of the biggest crypto exchanges, FTX. 

So how exactly does a company lose US$32 billion in a matter of days? Enter the liquidity crisis.

The low down on the Price-to-Rent Ratio

House prices are falling, but borrowing costs more. At the same time, rents are hitting all-time highs. It can be confusing to figure out if buying or renting is financially advantageous for you—enter the Price-to-Rent ratio

The low down on GICs

The markets are crazy now, and risk-averse investors are looking at safer options than stocks to park their money while still earning a return. That could be what's made Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) attractive to many Canadians.

The low down on share buybacks

There's been chatter in the air around share buybacks since the Fed announced a 2% tax on the transactions last week that would go into effect in 2024.

The low down on Tax Loss Selling

You sold your house at the peak and brought home a cool profit—that’s great, but now you’ve got a big tax bill to deal with. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the tax man’s take if some of your other investments haven’t done so well this year.

The low down on Robo-advisors

If you're worried about a robot taking your job, think about how investment portfolio managers feel as robo-advisors surge in popularity among retail investors.

The low down on the IMF

If you were holding onto hope that this past year of economic turmoil was nearing an end, the Big Kahuna of global monetary policy just said, “dream on,” forecasting more doom and gloom into next year but not outright saying a recession is on the way. 

The low down on the October Effect

Double double, toil and trouble, stocks take a turn, and markets tumble.