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Is AI video enough to keep Nvidia growing?

How big can Nvidia get? Not only did Nvidia have another record-setting quarter, it expects revenue to keep climbing. Even though big tech companies are stocked up on its AI chips, CEO Jensen Huang believes orders are going to keep coming in as companies develop models for things like video.

LockBit keeps attacking Canadian companies

Whether you run a drugstore chain or mow lawns, the world’s most prolific ransomware group has its eyes on you.

Shein and Temu imports are overwhelming

Online bargain bin giants like Shein and Temu have benefitted from long-standing tax breaks forgoing duties on foreign packages under a certain price threshold, but that might soon end. 

What happened: Germany has backed a proposal that would end an EU tax exemption for parcels under €150 entering Europe from foreign countries.


AI cameras notch assist in wildfire fight

Western Canada has seen an early start to the wildfire season, but some new high-tech cameras are proving to be a powerful weapon for fighting the flames. 

Driving the news: Newly installed AI-powered cameras designed to detect wildfires across B.C. delivered on their first real test, giving emergency crews a crucial head start in putting out dozens of fires in the province over the past two weeks.  

NYC and Dublin lose their portal privileges

 In a development surprising no one, the headline-making pair of giant video portals that allow people in NYC and Dublin to see each other via livestream have been temporarily shut down less than a week into their existence due to inappropriate behaviour from some passers-by.  

Explain It Like I'm Five: Accessible technology

Your resume needs to be AI-proof

AI is calling the shots when it comes to snagging an interview for your dream job, so your resume better stand out.

The AI agents are coming

What might seem like really cool new chatbots are the latest steps towards what several big tech companies hope will be the future of AI.

Why big tech loves to get up in Arms

If you thought the AI boom was done turning companies into tech giants, think again.