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Eric Morrow on how banks are using AI

 On this week’s episode of Free Lunch, we sat down with Eric Morrow, managing director of BMO's enterprise data science and AI group, to discuss the use cases of AI in banking.

TikTok takes on AI fakes and phonies

Like an angry punk rocker yelling at poseurs, TikTok has a plan to call out all (AI) fakes.

What happened: TikTok is poised to become the first social media platform to automatically label AI-generated images and videos on its app. Over the next few months, permanent digital watermarks will be added to such content, with the aim to expand to audio-only posts.

TikTok is making Gen Zers think they’re poor

Even if you’re doing well financially, TikTok has a funny way of making you feel broke. 

New iPads are the first step in Apple’s AI play

Apple’s big event yesterday was less about getting a look at new tablets and more about what’s inside of them.

Hackers are also getting ready for the Olympics

It’s not just top athletes that’ll go toe-to-toe in Paris this summer — it will also be the stage for a showdown between hackers and cybersecurity teams.

Boeing shoots for the stars, misses

Last night, Boeing and NASA were supposed to launch the first crewed test flight of Boeing’s Starliner astronaut capsule.

Driving the news: No doors flew off, but the launch was cancelled after a problem was discovered with the NASA rocket propelling Starliner. The self-piloting craft was supposed to carry two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

Sanctuary AI sets its sights on the future of robotics

A Canadian startup could be making your new robot coworker (eventually).

Explain It Like I'm Five: Audio data compression

What is audio data compression?

To turn music into a digital file, the sound wave is turned into data. The resulting files often leave out finer audio details but are smaller, which was important when people stored their music on a computer hard drive or MP3 player.

Airbnb bets that you want to stay in the house from "Up"

After competitor Vrbo launched an entire ad campaign calling out Airbnb for having too many novelty listings, it responded by (we assume) saying, “Screw it, we’re gonna add more novelty listings.”

Driving the news: Airbnb unveiled a new category called “Icons,” boasting a mix of unorthodox stays and celebrity hangouts. There are 12 Icon listings in the first batch, including a recreation of the house from Pixar’s Up, which is suspended in the air by a crane. 

Instagram kicks reposts out of its algorithm

Your Instagram feed might soon be less dominated by reposted videos and screenshots of old tweets.