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The news industry is getting cozier with AI

SNL’s Colin Jost telling a room of journalists that they were training AI that would replace them might be less ‘White House correspondents’ dinner joke’ and more ‘preview of this week’s tech news.’

Generative AI is in an existential crisis

A lot of new technology goes through an initial “what is this good for” stage, but when it comes to generative AI, some folks are getting impatient for an answer.

Explain It Like I'm Five: AI parameters

Parameters are connections between data in an AI model. Developers refine parameters to guide an AI’s behaviour — giving connections more or less weight tells the AI that certain data and actions are more important than others.

The fight over TikTok is just the beginning

TikTok ban bill gets a shot in the arm

The TikTok bill is moving along with a tried-and-true strategy in U.S. politics: group a contentious bill with a bunch of unrelated stuff that’s more likely to pass. 

What happened: Tonight, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to take another run at a bill that would force TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, to divest the app or face a ban. 

Meta’s new AI is about to be everywhere

Don’t get distracted by Mark Zuckerberg’s new look — Meta’s AI news is worth paying attention to.

Hey, what’s going on at LinkedIn?

It’s easy to mock LinkedIn for its “hustle culture” posts and toxic corporate positivity, but that’s exactly what’s making the company a lot of money. 

The next AI models could be trained by gig workers

New side hustle alert: teaching ChatGPT how to be a better writer.

Meta bets on virtual learning

It might not be long until parents are adding virtual reality headsets to their kid's back-to-school shopping lists. 

What happened: Meta is trying to bring Grade 9 algebra lessons into the metaverse by launching a new education hub for its Quest VR headsets. 

Apple takes a (small) step towards right to repair