Biden exits presidential race

President Joe Biden has made it official: He won’t seek re-election against Donald Trump in November and will back Vice President Kamala Harris instead.

Trump survives assassination attempt

Former President Donald Trump was injured in an apparent assassination attempt at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. 

How to eat fried worms (and other insects)

Singapore is the latest country to put more bugs on the menu.

Labour notches historic U.K. election victory

After cycling through three prime ministers in two years, the U.K.’s new leader looks likely to stick around longer than a lettuce head

Greece gets on its six-day workweek #grindset

From democracy to souvlaki, we have Greece to thank for a lot of great things. That said, we hope the country’s latest invention doesn’t make it too far beyond its borders.

Canadians can now fly direct to Greenland

Whether you call it “coolcationing” or “last chance tourism” (which is a little grim), Arctic tourism is growing in popularity as travellers seek out chillier vistas to beat scoring heats. 

Canada pledges $86.2 million towards Haiti mission

Canada is opening up its wallet to support a UN-backed security mission in Haiti. 

The Biden-Trump debate is TV history in the making

Endless name-calling. Demands for last-minute drug tests. Millions spent on advertising.

No, it’s not a title fight or the Super Bowl — it’s a presidential debate. 

Japan is full of big money moves

Vacation-goers aren’t the only ones flocking to Japan because of the weak yen. Western investors are also trekking to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

What’s the deal with France’s election?

The Paris Olympics aren’t the only high-stakes contest taking place in France this summer.