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Kent Roach on how Canadian policing works (and doesn't)

We sat down with Kent Roach on Free Lunch By The Peak to dive into how the Canadian policing system works, and his argument on why and how it should change for the better. 
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Competition watchdog says cannabis should be easier to sell

Here’s an only-in-Canada story for you: Government officials are worried that it’s too difficult to sell people weed right now.

What happened: The Competition Bureau is asking Health Canada to loosen rules that restrict how cannabis is marketed and allow people to buy stronger edibles.
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On the internet, seeing is not believing

It’s time to update the old warning, “Don’t believe everything you read,” to “Don’t believe everything you see.”

Driving the news: Image editing tools that use AI to generate convincing—but fake—visuals are going mainstream with Adobe’s announcement that it is adding a “Generative Fill” feature to its popular Photoshop software.
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The era of easy returns is over

The days of no-questioned-asked returns are numbered, as retailers crack down on one of their biggest profit suckers in a worsening economic climate. 

Across North America, merchants—especially those with online stores—are shortening their return windows (Sephora), adding return fees (Uniqlo) and, offering discounts to discourage returns (Amazon), per The Wall Street Journal.   
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Falling behind on critical minerals mining

How do you mine critical minerals in Canada? Very slowly, according to one of the largest miners in Ontario’s Ring of Fire. 

Canada’s effort to ramp up its critical mineral sector is falling behind, an Australian mining magnate has recently warned in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  
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Canadian banks hurt by weak earnings

Our high-level bank earnings summary: “Not great, but things could be worse.” 

Four of Canada’s Big Five banks—TD, RBC, BMO, and Scotiabank—missed estimates this week as tough economic conditions force lenders to put aside more money to prepare for borrowers falling behind on their repayments. 
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Is a gap year the best financial choice for high school grads?

No more school, no more books, no more teachers telling you to put that phone away during class! But is going to university straight out of high school the best move for students in this economy?
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Why cities can’t have nice things anymore

We regret to inform you that city budgets across the country have gotten so tight (relatable) that they’re starting to take away the fun stuff.  

Toronto city officials spent much of yesterday debating whether they could afford to pony up for Canada Day celebrations at city hall—in the end, they chose to move ahead

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