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Is AI video enough to keep Nvidia growing?

How big can Nvidia get? Not only did Nvidia have another record-setting quarter, it expects revenue to keep climbing. Even though big tech companies are stocked up on its AI chips, CEO Jensen Huang believes orders are going to keep coming in as companies develop models for things like video.

LockBit keeps attacking Canadian companies

Whether you run a drugstore chain or mow lawns, the world’s most prolific ransomware group has its eyes on you.

The RCMP struggles to go electric

Turns out, converting North America's largest fleet of police cars into electric vehicles is easier said than done. Who could have guessed? 

Driving the news: The RCMP is currently field-testing two Teslas — one on B.C.’s West Shore and the other on the grounds at Rideau Hall in Ottawa — as the national police service tries to replace as many of its ~12,000 vehicles as possible with zero-emissions options by 2035.

Shein and Temu imports are overwhelming

Online bargain bin giants like Shein and Temu have benefitted from long-standing tax breaks forgoing duties on foreign packages under a certain price threshold, but that might soon end. 

What happened: Germany has backed a proposal that would end an EU tax exemption for parcels under €150 entering Europe from foreign countries.

Cheaper WestJet fares, no carry-on included

Air travel is starting to feel more and more like building a Chipotle bowl: If you want the good stuff, it’s going to cost you. 

What happened: WestJet is the latest airline to lean into unbundling airfares, a pricing model that keeps base fares low for budget customers but offers customizable (and pricey) add-ons, like seat selection, checked bags, and meals for those looking to pay a li’l more.  

Companies are wooing entry-level job seekers

Employers are pulling out all the stops to appeal to entry-level job seekers.

Why are more people spending their dollars at small grocers?

As many Canadians boycott Loblaw-owned stores for the month of May, more people are spending their cash at alternative grocery options.

Working from home is fuelling your shopping addiction

People are spending a lot of money shopping online, and the peak retail therapy hours happen to be during working hours.

Alberta’s got a firefighter problem

As Alberta braces for another wildfire season, alarm bells are ringing about the crew being sent out to fight them. 

Driving the news: The province is struggling to retain its seasonal firefighters, a problem that has left largely inexperienced crews fighting increasingly frequent and intense wildfires. 

The next big investing trend is “low risk”

You know what they say on Bay Street: If you can’t meet expectations, just lower ’em. 

Driving the news: The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), which invests money on behalf of Canadians who contribute to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), reported an 8% annual return last year, but still fell nearly 12 percentage points short of its benchmark. 
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