New study shows shrinkflation is real

If you can’t shake the feeling that your favourite bag of chips has gotten lighter, there’s now proof you’re not going crazy. 

Biden exits presidential race

President Joe Biden has made it official: He won’t seek re-election against Donald Trump in November and will back Vice President Kamala Harris instead.

What to do this weekend

Scientists look for new ways to save melting glaciers

A group of scientists say it’s time to start looking into radical — and controversial — ways to save melting glaciers.

The CrowdStrike-Windows outage is an all-time oopsie

Well folks, Y2K finally happened. It just came 24-and-a-half years late. 

So you want to change your name? Here’s how.

Whether you're changing your name because you just got married, prefer being called something else, or maybe you're on the lam, there's still a process you need to follow.

You may be paying too much for your phone plan

Phone plan costs have really dropped in the past few years — but has yours?

What is a digital loonie?

As cash usage declines, there's growing talk about Canada introducing a digital currency.

Deals, deals, deals

Big Tech is getting its appetite for acquisitions back. Alphabet is reportedly in talks to buy cybersecurity firm Wiz for US$23 billion, which would be its biggest startup acquisition ever. Meta is also reportedly exploring a big stake in Ray-Ban owner EssilorLuxottica, which Meta is currently making AI smart glasses with.

CrowdStrike-Windows outage is causing headaches everywhere

Consider buying your IT person coffee or flowers, because they are probably having a really long day.

Michael Deluce on flying and thriving in Canada’s airline industry

Michael Deluce is the CEO of Porter Airlines, the regional Canadian airline that’s rapidly expanding its footprint. He tells us about why short-haul flights are so pricy in Canada and the key to winning over customers.

Alberta has become Canada’s new spud hub

Alberta may be known mostly for its mountains, big steaks, and rodeos, but these days, it’s found itself a new claim to fame: potatoes.

Ford trades EVs for pickups

Like a legacy rock band trying to cater to their audience, Ford is sticking to the hits at the expense of the new stuff.

Canada’s transit networks need a shot in the arm

One of the favourite pastimes of any Canadian city-dweller is complaining about how much transit sucks. Clearly, Ottawa has heard enough of this grumbling.

Shoppers Drug Mart has sights set on in-house blood tests

Canada’s one-stop shop for toothpaste, Tylenol, and toilet paper is hoping to add medical tests to that list.

Businesses vs. Mother Nature

Between hurricanes, forest fires, extreme heat, and — as Drake now knows — flash flooding, Canadian enterprises have a lot to worry about when it comes to the weather.

Turning carbon emissions into butter

Synthetic foods are one way to reduce carbon emissions by scaling back the land used and carbon emitted by farm animals. But they are really expensive, and there’s still a bit of an ick factor with things like lab-grown meat.

From The DMs

Fintechs have mixed feelings about the pace of innovation

Canada’s fintech sector is finally getting some of the things they’ve wanted for years. But is it too little, too late?

Are memberships worth the price?

Companies are raising their membership fees to cope with rising costs, but are memberships worth your money?