Canadians caught in cottage conundrum

If you’ve been reading The Peak at all the past few months (and we know you have!) you’re aware that Canada’s international airports are places you should avoid visiting unless you really have to. But if you want to stay in-province for your getaway, you’ll still have to pay. Especially if you’re planning to go to cottage country. 
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The explosive business of fireworks

Fireworks. They brighten our night skies, scare our pets, and capture a childlike wonder that can only be stirred by bright colours and loud noises. We love it when things go boom! 

As is the case with everything this year, making things go boom will be a bit pricier than usual as the cost for Canada’s favourite incendiary device soars. 
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Inflation won’t spoil our Canada Day BBQ

It’s a beautiful holiday summer weekend, and for many of us, that means it’s also a time to fire up the grill and serve up some tasty burgs and slightly overcooked hot dogs (the best way to eat them).
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Välkommen to the club

Finland and Sweden finally got the big invite to join NATO they have been waiting for after Turkey dropped its opposition to their membership, setting the stage for the most significant enlargement of the alliance in years. 
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Electric vehicles are disrupting dealerships

If you’re a fan of haggling with salespeople at car dealerships, we have bad news: Ford plans to shake up car sales by using electric vehicles (EVs) as a testing ground to reduce the role of traditional car dealerships, a change that could leave that friendly fellow who insists that the red corvette would really suit you feeling a bit carsick.
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Big brands bail on Hockey Canada

Scotiabank, Tim Hortons, Telus, and Canadian Tire have suspended funding for Hockey Canada following the organization’s mishandling of sexual assault allegations against its players.
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The missing billions

If you’re upset about your friend that still owes you for dinner, imagine how the Government of Canada feels about losing out on $23.4 billion in uncollected taxes—that’s how much the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) says people and businesses are underpaying to the feds every year.
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Homes are still hot

US asset management behemoth Blackstone made it clear it has no interest in investing in single-family homes as part of its expansion into Canadian real estate, but the same can’t be said for other big investors. 
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Canada’s still super-into its superclusters

The federal government is “doubling down” on its supercluster innovation program, slapping on a fresh coat of paint and publicly reasserting its importance in driving Canadian innovation.   
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Alexa’s new recruit in the smart speaker wars: grandma

Amazon has announced some updates to Alexa that you’re going to find either creepy or cool, and we aren’t going to judge you either way: The smart speaker will eventually be able to mimic real people’s voices, including those who are dead. 
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