Banks Want More Tech Talent

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Fashion Nova Pays $4.2 Million To Continue Selling $5 Shirts

You know you're doing something right (or horribly wrong) when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) starts paying attention.  

The trade commission has fined fast fashion behemoth Fashion Nova for blocking thousands of negative reviews on their website from 2015 to2019. It’s the first time a company has been penalized by a federal agency for suppressing reviews.

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No Rate Hikes...For Now

The Bank of Canada (BoC) and US Federal Reserve announced they’d keep giving away free-ish money, while strongly signalling plans to hike interest rates in March.
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CN Railway Is Getting Back On Track

Canadian National (CN) Railway named a new CEO after an activist investor waged a months-long campaign for the company to juice up its financial performance. 
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What’s Up With The Super Bowl Ad Kickoff?

Companies are bumping their budgets for the already-sooo-expensive advertising event of the year: Super Bowl LVI.


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Google's Cutting Cookies

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Who’s Buying The Trans Mountain Pipeline

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Money Never Sleeps For Tech

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Using AI To Speed Up Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical companies have steadily bumped their research and development (R&D) spending, but the number of drugs approved hasn’t kept pace—meaning it costs more today to develop a life-saving medication than it did ten years ago. 

Toronto-based startup BenchSci raised US$50 million to advance the health industry through expanding its AI-enabled platform that helps bring new treatments to patients faster. 

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Activist Investors Turn Up The Pressure

Activist investors on the boards of consumer goods giant Unilever, Kohl’s and Peloton are pushing for corporate changes to improve company performance.
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