Josh Kolm

Deceptive websites and dark patterns

Have you been “confirm-shamed” by a website?

VCs are raising less money. That might not be a bad thing

Measuring the strength of Canada’s startup ecosystem by how much startups are raising leaves out a key part of the story: how much venture capitalists are raising themselves.

Universities and AI don’t have to be enemies

One of the world’s top tech analysts wants universities to see AI as more than just a cheating tool. But how do teachers feel about that?

Why scientists gave mice a human immune system

Mice are really useful for human health research — in addition to being cheap and easy to take care of, they have a lot of similar genes and organs to humans. But there’s always a point when testing has to be moved to people, where scientists may find the treatment they’ve spent so much time and money on just doesn’t work the same way.

Canadian ideas aren't turning into patents

New AI industry research points to an issue across the technology sector: Canada has a lot of smart people but isn’t helping them sell their ideas.

Putting the social back in social media

Hitting 175 million users doesn’t mean Threads is sticking. Monthly active users is a tricky metric for a platform that is trying to host real-time conversations. What’s to say people aren’t getting lured in once a month by a suggested post on their IG feed?

A ‘buy local’ approach to Canada’s AI strategy

The government is about to drop a lot of cash on AI infrastructure, but there’s no guarantee that it will all stay in Canada.

Saunas save frogs from deadly fungus

The problem: Chytrid fungus has been wiping out frogs for over 25 years, causing at least 500 species to decline in population. As many as 90 of those species are considered to be extinct.

The stakes get higher on copyright fights

The RIAA is coming for AI. The litigious organization representing the major record labels sued AI music generators Suno and Udio, and some are predicting that it could give platforms “a lesson in hubris” when it comes to how fast and loose they’ve approached copyrighted work.

Securing an Indigenous future in tech

Indigenous people in Canada’s tech sector see positive signs for a more inclusive industry, but some hurdles still need to be addressed.