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TikTok’s legal drama heats up

Yesterday, Congress had its first opportunity to grill TikTok CEO Shou Chew about the company’s relationship with its Chinese owner, ByteDance, its handling of US user data, and the risks it may pose to teens. And, well, we knew we were in for some spicy questions.
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The squeeze into storage

It turns out, the next “big space” is literally just more space.
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How’s your personal GDP looking?

Folks, it’s time to talk about Canada’s gross domestic profit as it relates to you.
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Gotta risk money to make money

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and into the exclusive world of private investments.
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AI takes the airwaves

Next time you tune in to The Bear, The Cougar, The Falcon, the Squirrel, The Yeti, or whatever your local radio station is called, don’t be alarmed if the DJ sounds a little bit off.
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Biden’s big arrival

Make sure to be on your best behaviour, everyone! We’ve got an important guest visiting.
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No depositor left behind

After its “don’t call it a bailout” bailout for Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank depositors, the US government is doubling down on its new no-depositor-left-behind strategy.
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Hollywood North hits the big time

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only producer setting up shop in Canada—camera crews from all kinds of studios are flocking to the Great White North in droves.
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