Lucas Arender

Tennis looks for answers to pay inequity

While reigning Wimbledon champ Carlos Alcaraz raked in US$42 million last year, many of his peers wondered if they could afford to pay their coaches.


Canada plans to hit NATO defence spending target

After being the NATO punching bag this week in D.C., Canada has finally given its allies what they wanted… sort of. 

Etsy pivots away from rivals in e-commerce race

The go-to site to buy quirky Christmas gifts for your friends and family is leaning back into its homemade, one-of-one vibe. 


Smartwatches keep getting smarter

It’s hard to believe watches used to only tell us the time; these days, they’re more like wearable personal trainers that happen to also know the time. 


Boeing pleads guilty over deadly 737 crashes

One of the world’s largest aerospace companies could be branded a felon pretty soon.


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