Taylor Scollon

B.C. sues forever chemical makers

The makers of so-called forever chemicals are finding themselves embroiled in forever lawsuits. 

What happened: B.C. became the first Canadian province to sue the makers of PFAS chemicals, claiming they knowingly sold people toxic products that damaged their health and contaminated the drinking water supply. 

Automated tax filing system could put billions in Canadians’ pockets

Soon, your taxes may be filed automatically—and according to new research, that could produce a nice little windfall for many Canadians.

Driving the news: The planned roll-out of an automatic tax filing service could see up to $1.6 billion in benefits paid out next year to people who don’t currently file taxes, according to a new study by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO).

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Concerts aren't selling like they used to

A growing number of music fans are looking at the astronomical prices for concert tickets and saying, “In this economy? No, thanks.”

What happened: Big-name acts accustomed to filling arenas are finding sales are slow this summer, with some even cancelling their tours in recent weeks.

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