Finance and Investing

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2024.
Leaders Circle
Vice President, Alate Partners

Stephanie Wood

Director, Capital Access, Alberta Innovates

Ayo Aiyeleye

Senior Investment Director, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

Zeeshan Ali

Senior Associate, Whitecap Venture Partners

Sarah Hartkorn

Executive Director, League of Innovators

Melissa Allen

Head of Platform, Forum Ventures

Daniela Pico

General Partner, Raven Capital

Althea Wishloff

Executive Director, VC Platform

Joshua Goodfield

CEO & Co-Founder, Profitual

Raymond Fitzpatrick

Product Manager - Amazon Partnership, TD

Christopher Salvatore

Sr. Director of Finance & Operations, Promise Robotics Inc.

Corey Bonkowski

Vice President, Corporate Controller, Wajax

Tania Casadinho

Head of Growth & Marketing, Mydoh – RBCx

Gloria Kim

VP Finance, Mitacs Inc

Patrice Mulvihill

Head of Fintech Partnerships (Toronto), Plug and Play

Ismail Khalil

Founder and Principal, Stoic Advisory

Aaron Salz

Analyst, BDC Capital

Rainee Mistry

Principal Economist, Bank of Canada

Thomas Michael Pugh

President, LCH Developments

Michal Wywrot

Associate, CIBC Innovation Banking

Stefan Morrow

Vice President, Equity Capital Markets, National Bank Financial

Adrienne Macdonald

CEO & Founder, Blossom Social Inc.

Maxwell Nicholson

Managing Partner, Gambit Partners

Chris Krzyzanowski

Principal, Northwood Family Office

Brad Jesson

Relationship Manager, CIBC Innovation Banking

Tyler Tong McDermott

CEO, Mitch Insurance Brokers

Adam Mitchell

Vice President, Relay Ventures

Simon Sokol

Head of Operations, Startup in Residence

Sarah Bezeau Gervais

Partner, Lee Chow Group

Liam Sauro

Principal, Whitecap Venture Partners

Melissa Belbeck

Principal, Luge Capital

Laviva Mazhar

Lead Advisor Enablement Coach, RBC

Johnnie Vu

Head of Financial Health and Ontario Lead, Fintech Cadence

Molly Willats

Senior Originations Manager, CIBC Innovation Banking

Joshua Olawale

Vice President, Development, Capital Developments

Chris Dynes

Vice President, Ironbridge Equity Partners

Muhammad Abdi

Finance and Investing Chairs

Partner, Alate

Courtney Cooper

Director, CIBC Innovation Banking

Shelley Li

CEO, Republic Developments

Matt Young

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