Marketing and Advertising

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2024.
Leaders Circle
Co-Founder, Category Communications

Lauren Arnold

Principal Programmatic Account Manager, Google

Susana Tome Perez

Founder, Fello Agency

Zachary Ronski

Founder & CEO, threesixfive Media Inc.

Dave Culligan

Lead, Product Marketing, Interac

Vanessa Thomas

Lead, External Relations, Neo Financial

Philippe Burns

Vice President of Marketing, Endy

Julia Cooper

Brand Partnerships Manager, TikTok

David Traunero

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Communications, Teneo

Connor Whitworth

Founder & CEO, DGPR

Dan Gamble

Managing Director, Berners Bowie Lee Inc.

Dominique Anthony

VP, Operations, SitePartners

Justin Van Mulligen

Product Marketing Lead, Wealthsimple

Harry Hothi

Senior Account Director, Brand, Edelman

Danielle Bozinoff

Communications Manager, The Wendy's Company

Marcy McMillan

Head of Marketing, LOI

Joel Hansen

Founder & Chief Brand Strategist, The MicDrop Agency

Katie Zeppieri

Managing Partner, TryMus Group

Marta Tryshak

Senior Manager, Consulting, Marketing and Customer Strategy, Deloitte Canada

Coby Savage

Communications Officer, BC Cancer

Susan Seto

Brand Marketing Specialist, Origin Sustainables

Terence Yung

Director of Marketing, Sonova Canada

Raissa Stevens

Sr. Account Lead, Society Etc.

Jonathan Solnicki

Director, Digital, Salt XC

Colton Horner

Founder, Ignite Digital

Matthew Goulart

Partner, VP of Client Solutions, The Influence Agency

Stephanie Palasti

Account Manager, Digital + Creative, Creative Currency

Alex Opiola

Executive Producer, Undefined

Julian Weiman

Vice President, Technology, Edelman Canada

Alicia Ali

Senior Account Coordinator, Kaiser & Partners

Mia Palantzas

Senior Manager, Brand Marketing, RBC

Nicky Powell

VP, Group Director, Social Strategy, Klick Health

Mirelle Paris

Director of Sales, Canada and Latin America, Framar

Dave Finistauri

Marketing Director, DNE

Emilie Berthiaume

Founder & CEO, Consult X Chino

Chino Nnadi

Co-Founder, Category Communications

Chantel Cassar

Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Irwin

Morgan Craig

Founder, ChampagneAng

Angelique Sturino

Marketing and Advertising Chairs

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, RBC

Joel Dembe

Founding Partner, Creative, Berners Bowie Lee

Devon Williamson

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