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Leaders Circle
Founder & CEO, Feature Media

Justin Tse

Talent Partnerships & Show Development Executive, Bell Media

Alyssa Petru

Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships, The PWHL

Chelsea Purcell

Senior Editor, Originals, Pinterest

Mishal Cazmi

STEM Content Creator, Science Bae Media Inc.

Sarah Habibi

TV Personality, Host & Producer

Nicole Servinis

Co-Founder and COO, Flowjin

Sheida Mirjahani

Vice-Chairman & President, Calgary Surge Professional Basketball Club

Jason Ribeiro

Founder & CEO, Gater Studios Inc.

Alexandra Gater

Founder, travelingmitch

Christopher Mitchell

Head of Partnerships, Creator Camp

Danny Desatnik

CEO and Founder, Must Do Canada

Matthew Bailey

Digital Lifestyle Manager, Corus Entertainment

Tracey Moore

Manager, Communications, Toronto International Film Festival

Jake Nothdurft

Creator Ecosystem Lead, YouTube

Maria Cortellucci

Partner & Agent, Talent Bureau

Jeff Lohnes

Founder, The Practice Space

Jenn Bieri

Community Producer, CBC Toronto

Rignam Wangkhang

Founder and CEO, Liquid Sports Lab

Roy Krishnan

Co-founder & Publicist, Speaker Slam

Dan Shaikh

Sr. Manager, Artist Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

Dirk McMillan

Content Creator and Musician, Leah Harris Music LLC

Leah Harris

Media, Entertainment and Sports Chairs

Sr. Strategic Partner Manager, Pinterest

Carly Schwartz

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